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Stop by and meet Garry, the owner of Accountable Driver Education! We are here to answer your calls, drive with your students, and provide quality classroom training.

Our goal is to help develop, promote, and teach the safe driving skills that are necessary to allow student drivers to make responsible decisions and instill safe, confident motor vehicle operation.

We are fully licensed by the Wisconsin DMV to provide Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel training, and Permit Testing at each of our facilities.


1. The program has a target starting date for JUNE 2016; the DMV needs to work out the programs details. 2. Any school that offers the online program MUST also offer behind the wheel training. 3. If you take a DMV approved online course, you can go to ANY Driver Education School for you DRIVING LESSONS. 4. The online classroom DOES NOT allow you to go to the DMV and simply obtain a learners permit. 5. In order to take the learners permit test at the DMV, you must first sign up for behind the wheel lessons at an approved DMV driver education school and obtain the form MV3001. 6. You can also take the learners permit test for free with us at our Eau Claire office once you have completed the online course and recieved your completion form from the online course.


1. There are many companies currently offering an "online program" and many of the currently do not or will not meet the DMV requirements for the online class. 2. if you end up doing the online course that is NOT DMV APPROVED, you will not be able to get a learners permit and will end up having to then take a new DMV approved class.

When the DMV has all of the requirements set up, Accountable Driver Education will offer the online course.

As we learn more about the program we will be posting it here on our website for your convenience!

It does matter where you take your Driver Education course!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from an extremely happy parent. Her daughter had just passed her road teston her first try with only four points off!

She had another surprise when she called her insurance company to add her to the insurance policy. They had asked her where her daughter had taken her Driver Education class and she told them it was through Accountable Driver Education. Her agent then told her that Accountable Driver Education's students have the lowest accident rate of all Driver Education schools in Western Wisconsin! Her daughter received a reduced rate from her insurance provider saving, as her mom stated, "a ton of money!"

Now, I can't guarantee that your insurance company will offer you a lower rate or that your child will never have an accident, but there is a difference! It does matter where you take your driver education class! Of course it is nice to save money, but reducing a child's chance of having a crash is everyone's goal!

I would like to thank my entire staff for doing their best to help our students be great drivers!

Garry Sherwood

(Did you know that there are cell phone apps that disable the text and call features on a cell phone when a car is in motion?These apps are offered by various companies as well as through certain cell phone providers. iZUP, CellSafe, tXtblocker, Textecution, and Otter are just a few companies to provide these services. They are great apps to consider if you have a child who loves to text. Different plan features and costs will vary. While we do not endorse any one product, we do believe that they are great tools for parents to control and/or monitor their child's phone access while driving!)





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