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1.It is administered by CESA #2 and the cost is $175.00 for CLASSROOM ONLY. Southwest Technical College also offers a state approved online classroom program.

2.It is good to remember that is is approved by the DMV but it is only approved for the classroom portion only, not for any behind the wheel lessons!

3.If you take the online course you will then need to sign up with a Driver Education School that is licensed by the DOT PRIOR to going to the DMV to obtain your learners permit.

4.If you choose this path, Accountable Driver Education will provide Behind the Wheel training for you at $199.00

5.The total cost to you would be $175.00 (paid to CESA #2) and $199.00 (paid to us) for a total cost of $374.00. (Remember, if you were to take both the Classroom and Behind the Wheel with Accountable Driver Education, you would only be paying $299.00 TOTAL. THAT IS A $75.00 SAVED IF YOU DO THE ENTIRE PROGRAM WITH US!)

6.If you look at our competitors pricing to take this "alternative" class with their Behind the Wheel lessons it will cost you over $400!

Save time and money! "Buy" locally and join one of our convenient classes today!

Stop by and meet Garry, the owner of Accountable Driver Education! We are here to answer your calls, drive with your students, and provide quality classroom training.

Our goal is to help develop, promote, and teach the safe driving skills that are necessary to allow student drivers to make responsible decisions and instill safe, confident motor vehicle operation.

We are fully licensed by the Wisconsin DMV to provide Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel training, and Permit Testing at each of our facilities.

There are cell phone apps that disable the text and call features on a cell phone when a car is in motion.

These apps are offered by various companies as well as through certain cell phone providers. iZUP, CellSafe, tXtblocker, Textecution, and Otter are just a few companies to provide these services. They are great apps to consider if you have a child who loves to text. Different plan features and costs will vary. While we do not endorse any one product, we do believe that they are great tools for parents to control and/or monitor their child's phone access while driving!





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